HCA TR is a water borne, colourless retardant coating for the fire protection of internal timber, wood and decoration products. The HCA TR fire resistant coating must be protected against short-time humidity by using it in combination with HCA TR VARNISH transparent finish.. HCA TR PRIMER can be used to improve the adhesion between substrate and coating. HCA TR fire retardant coating and HCA TR VARNISH comply with the many Dutch standards (NEN 6065, 6069 and 6073) and international standards (NEN-EN 13823).


Intumescent coatings react under the influence of great heat release like fire. Because of the heat the coating expands many times the original layer thickness producing an insulating carbon char. The carbon char will protect the steel from the effects of fire.

HCA TR fire resistant coatingis a colourless intumescent transparent coating based on waterborne dispersion. HCA TR fire resistant coating must always be used in combination protective finish HCA TR VARNISH. HCA TR VARNISH is a solvent based, colourless finish especially developed to improve dust- and water resistance (no outdoor applications!) and to diminish the slight stickiness of HCA TR fire resistant coating.

With HCA TR fire resistant coating and HCA TR VARNISH a high level of workmanship can be achieved. The surface is smooth and transparent and complies with the highest aesthetic demands. Fine wood constructions or systems remain intact, so that they can retain their aesthetic values.

The field of application for HCA TR fire resistant coating and TR VARNISH is very broad. Besides internal timber or wood constructions, the products can be used on substrates like soft-, hard- and chipwood, plywood, insulating board, doors, cardboard. Furthermore it can be applied on various plastics like polystyrene, polypropylene and polyethylene. Before applying on synthetic materials it is recommended to do an adhesion test. This accounts also for surfaces that have already been painted.

HCA TR fire resistant coating and HCA TR VARNISH should not be used in area of high humidity or on places with high abrasion(floors, stair treads or handrails). The abrasion of HCA TR fire resistant coating & TR-V is not comparable with a parquet finish, so application on floors and furniture will be dissuaded. For more information you can contact Export department of Flame Guard B.V.


Above-mentioned guidelines are the result of technical research, experience and the latest available information. No liability can be derived from them.


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